October 11

It’s Cam’s Country: The Girl Power Country Music Needs

The Badass Country Gal

Camaron Ochs, or simply Cam busted out into the music business as a songwriter to the stars. But eventually, in 2010, she released her debut album on an independent record. By 2015, she had signed with Sony and released her EP “Welcome to Cam Country” where she earned her Grammy nomination for her song “Burning House.”

Cam’s roots are inherently classic country, from the influences of her grandparents. They introduced her to the musical stylings of Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, and Bonnie Rait. She also cites Ray Charles and the Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan and the Indigo Girls as her inspirations.

It’s Cam’s Country

Whenever you hear a song by Cam, it’s like you get transported to a completely different headspace. And, that would still depend on the song you’re listening to. She has the uncanny ability to transport you into the feelings and the mindsets that her song projects.

Take a look at her hit “Diane.” Cam wrote this song as a response to country legend Dolly Parton’s famous song “Jolene.” “Jolene” sings about how the singer begs “Jolene” not to take her man away from her; while “Diane flips the script. The singer forlornly asks “Diane” to understand that she never meant to hurt her and that she would have known if the guy she was seeing was married. The music video captures the mood so perfectly to boot!

Come check it out below!

She is a songwriter by heart. And in her spare time, she composes some of the best songs for other artists as well. Cam worked Sam Smith’s latest album “The Thrill of It All” on the song “Palace.” And while Smith’s version is haunting on its own, there is something about Cam’s version that makes you feel the warmth of the lover, as if they had just only left you. There is no regret in her tone, unlike the subtle hints of sorrow you can pick up from Smith’s version. You can take a listen to Cam’s version of “Palace” here!

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