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Instigating a Strong Desire of Having “A Place on Calvary”

Instigating a Strong Desire of Having "A Place on Calvary" 1
The Statler Brothers | photo credit: musixmatch.com

As we’ve discussed in a previous article, the place called Mt. Calvary does not only refer to that area where Jesus was crucified. But, it’s more than that. The place is sacred and it symbolizes numerous things in Christian life. Hence, many followers of Jesus express their belief in that place. Such expression of faith comes in various ways including hymns. Accordingly, several inspirational songs have been created carrying the theme of “Calvary.”

“A Place on Calvary” is just one of the many examples.  This song was composed by Langdon Reid of The Statler Brothers. Considered as the most award-winning act in country music history, the singing group first recorded the song in 2002. It appears on the album Amen released that same year. The song also appeared in two succeeding albums of The Statler Brothers namely, America’s Greatest Quartets, Vol. 2 (2003) and The Best of Country Gospel: Collectors Series (2005).

The Message of the Song   

“A Place on Calvary” as described in this song is no other than heaven. Being such, the narrator memorably expresses his deep desire to be in that place. Who doesn’t want to go to heaven anyway? Everyone one wants to go to heaven, where God and the angels reside. There, there will be no more sorrow and difficulty, just pure happiness and love. Hence, in the song, the singer asks God one important request,

But Lord, there’s just a one more thing
A personal favor for me
I just want to suggest
To make a Request
For a Place on Calvary

Watch The Statler Brothers singing graciously the song “A Place on Calvary” below.


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Langdon Reid, The Statler Brothers

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