October 12

WATCH: Little Girl’s Stunning Acoustic Cover of Eagles’ “Desperado”


The Eagles are an award-winning American rock band formed in Los Angeles in the early ‘70s. They are such an iconic band releasing classic hits that many of us are undoubtedly familiar with.

Iconic songs such as “Hotel California,” “Take It Easy,” “Love Will Keep Us Alive,” and “New Kid in Town” are just some of the finest tunes that have become Eagles’ standards. But who would ever forget another chart-topping hit of the band that was a part of country music and classic rock genres? Sure it is, “Desperado” is the one song that many have fallen in love with.

“Desperado:” The Eagles’ Old West Themed Song

Never issued as a single, Desperado appeared on Eagles second album of the same name in 1973, and numerous compilation albums since then. Although the song conjures images of the old west, it was recorded in London. Its debut was on a concert tour of the American West.

Written by first Don Henley, it was later brought to Laurel Canyon where Glenn Frey contributed to it. As such, it was one of the first Henley-Frey songs, and also the impetus for the band’s album of the same title.

Little Girl Covers The Eagles’ “Desperado”

Sitting atop a picnic table in a wooded area, a young girl named Calista Clark performs this Eagles classic. She charmed everyone with her powerful performance that we are sure will make you swoon. With her dazzling voice and impressive guitar skills, Clark gave a new spin of this ‘70s super hit.

Singing The Eagles’ renowned “Desperado,” Clark embodies the deep emotion that the song provides. Also, she hits every note with so much ease. Indeed, she is a remarkable artist as young as she is.

Watch Calista Clark take on the Eagles’ “Desperado” with her powerful vocals and amazing guitar skills:

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