August 17

Joie de Vivre with the King of Country Cajun, Jimmy C Newman

Some boiled crawfish in gumbo anyone? How about a load of music thrill? Well then, your wish is our command. Feast your ears folks as Mr. Jimmy C (stands for Cajun) gives us a medley of excitement with the renowned Down on the Bayou and Jambalaya.

Country Cajun Medley – Jimmy Newman

Great showman he is! Boy! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cajun Music – Way More than “nothing but chank-a-chank”

Putumayo Presents Album Cover / (c)
Putumayo Presents Album Cover / (c)

Harmonious to the pleasure-loving culture of Acadians (Cajun people), their lively music using accordions, fiddles, and triangles as accompaniments have widely soaked into what’s now known as Country. A big chunk of the credit must go to Mr. Newman for bringing this flavor on our tune pot.

Initially seen as “nothing but chank-a-chank” by early music critics, Cajun’s uniqueness and vibrancy in tempo easily won converts. The festive mood it creates is enough attraction to make people want to join in.

Aside from Mr. Newman’s songs, other Country singers were also sold to record Cajun. Some that most are already familiar with are the Louisiana Man by Doug Kershaw, Jolé Blon by Johnny Paycheck, and Louisiana Saturday Night by Don Williams.

King of Country Cajun’s Later Years

Proud Cajun Man! / Album Cover / (c)
Proud Cajun Man! / Album Cover / (c)

When he’s not traveling or making appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, Mr. Newman (or known as Jimmy C in Cajun circles) and his wife tend to their horses and cattle in a 670-acre ranch near Nashville.

Having reached a good-ole-age of 83 in 2014, he was already a pillar in the industry of Country and a multi-hall of Famer. On top of his induction into CMA’s International Hall of Fame (2000), he’s been honored in the Cajun Hall of Fame (2004), Cajun Music Hall of Fame, and the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

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