November 1

No Mansion but a Cabin for Charley Pride in Glory Land

While the lot of us expects mansions over heaven’s hilltops, Charley could not care less. Not that he doubts Jesus’ promise of preparing mansions for those who would follow him, but that his yearnings lie heavily in being captured by God’s goodness and grace.

At one time, he sang “I Don’t Deserve a Mansion” expressing how little and insignificant he felt for all his shortcomings. And with the King of Glory redeeming his soul and life, how could he ask for more? Even so, Charley will receive his due rewards from Jesus, soon.

I know I don’t deserve a mansion
Cause I was born a child of sin
No, I don’t deserve a mansion
But Jesus built a home for me in Glory land!
Yes, Jesus built a home for me in Glory land!

I Don’t Deserve a Mansion by Charley Pride

Not for long, Charley would once again humbly sing to his Lord how little he desires affluence in “Build Me a Cabin.” He knew this world is not his home, thereby, holding his possessions with open hands. There is only that longing and contentment to just be with Jesus.

Yes, build me just a cabin in the corner of glory land
In the shade of the tree of life that it may ever stand;
Where I can just hear the angels sing, and shake Jesus’ hand
Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of glory land

Build Me a Cabin by Charley Pride

Good point there Mr. Charley Pride! Be it a mansion or a cabin in heaven, it does not matter. What matters is that we get to live with God. And wherever he is, that is our real home. Our excitement should not be in the bliss of our future abode, but in seeing our Savior, Jesus.


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