January 19

 “Bye,Bye Love”: Everly Brother’s Greatest Hit Ever Known

“Bye Bye Love” had been rejected by 30 other artists, but it became the track that blasted the Everly Brothers career. Phil and Don landed on national charts, and it remains their best after recording the song.

Rejection won’t mean “Bye, Bye” determination

From the songwriting prowess of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, “Bye Bye Love” came into existence.  Additionally, The Bryants are credited to be the first songwriters to come to Nashville. At first, they made a living only through writing songs.

Bye Bye Love” became the best-known song in the Everly Brother’s debut record. As a country song, the track earned major successes  It reached number 1 in the spring of 1957. Also,  it ranked 210th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

In one interview for the Everly Brother’s debut record, Boudleaux noted that The song was penned while the couple was driving down the highway. Though many people did not believe in the song, and thought it was unsuitable, they still managed to find an artist to record the song. And that was the Bellamy Brothers. They were even mpre pleased with the positive reaction it received. Indeed, masterpieces don’t come into place at once. Some were unnoticed in the beginning but these works done with passion will find it’s spot one day.

Everly Brothers rule…

The Everly Brothers  have set an unmatched standard for a close, two-part harmonies and infused early rock & roll with some of the best elements of country and pop music. Also, they were among the most important and best early rock & roll stars. Not to forget, they are also among the most influential rockers of any era. The legacy they left will forever and enormously be felt in all rock acts that employ harmonies as prime features, from the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel to legions of country-rockers.


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