May 21

“By and By”: From Elvis Presley’s Album How Great Thou Art

elvis presley by and by

We sometimes question God when we experience something bad or difficult in our life. We wonder if God is punishing us because of what we did before. Sometimes we don’t even know why God is punishing us at all. God is a mysterious force that we cannot understand, no matter how many times we try to understand Him, it’s still difficult to see what God is doing for us. But, as time passes by, we will understand Him.

“By and By,” The Song

Elvis Presley recorded one of the gospel songs called “By and By” in 1966. It is a traditional gospel song written by Harry Von Tilzer. Elvis Presley added a little change on the song to make it a bit of his own. His song “By and By” was part of his 3-time platinum-certified album How Great Thou Art. The song is placed on the Side B of the album. Sadly “By and By” didn’t enter the Billboard charts compared to other songs in his album. The album How Great Thou Art entered the US Billboard Top Country Albums at No. 7 in 1977. Furthermore, remaining on the chart for a total of 28 weeks.

What the Song is All About

Understanding God takes time, not because God is confusing. We may not get what we want or the plans we made for ourselves are not working out, but time will come that we will understand God’s plan. In this song, the narrator says that things will get better. That even though trials are just lurking around every corner we still have God who’ll help us. The narrator believes, and so should we, that at the end of our life, God will lead us to a place beautiful. A place where we will never feel sorrow and pain, rather happiness and peace of mind. Therefore when you feel like everything seems to be unfair, or that God has abandoned you, think again. God is leading you to something and somewhere good.

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