January 22

Working On a Building, Are We?


As years drag on, the tune became a gospel standard among Southern Baptist. A good pick for a closing song for the whole congregation to sing here’s “Working On a Building.”

“Working On a Building” by Bill Monroe

I honestly thought this version of Bill Monroe could not be topped. Nevertheless, I’ve come across another version which is just as good. Without the need to compare, enjoy their edgy version just as they enjoy themselves in it, too.

Trace Adkins, T. Graham Brown, Jimmy Fortune, Marty Raybon performing “Working On a Building.

Song’s Anatomy

The structure is repetitive, a style applied to either nail or emphasize a point.

It’s an assertion of faith in its most basic sense. The building’ represents a believer’s spiritual life with Jesus as the foundation. Since it’s considered purchased by the sacred blood of Christ, the body is meant to be kept holy. Hence, the descriptions about quitting terrible deeds like lying and drinking. Besides, keeping them is akin to sabotaging the rise of your spirituality.

Another way to see it is that the ‘building’ represents the Church. Collectively speaking, we are considered the Holy Spirit’s temple. That means, holiness, still, could be compromised. And like the preacher in the last verse, we are to use what we have to continually build each other up. It could be in the form of preaching, encouragement, help, mercy, and acts of compassion. As the song wants to point out, we are to have more of these and get busy with them. Also, quit behaviors that impede our total progress like gossip and division.


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