“Buddy” by Willie Nelson is a song about a true friend who stays beside us even when we go through some hardships in our lives.

“Buddy:” Willie Nelson’s Song of Friendship 11

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One of the best gifts we can have in this world is having a best friend. They are that one person who is more willing than us to do stupid stuff.

They are the people who like us for us. We don’t have to fear and hide our true selves because they already know and accept it. True friends are there to support us when we need it and help us in any way they can. At the same time, they are there as our voice of reason when we do things that we don’t immediately see is harming us.

Think about it. It is common for our best friends to lecture us when we are doing something dumb like dating the wrong person or buying that expensive workout machine they know we’re not going to use.

Best of all, our best friends are always first in line whenever we want to do something remotely dumb like paragliding off a cliff for the first time, go out drinking all night, dragging them to boring events (this happened to me a lot!) and so on.

Our best friends are simply the best. It’s in the name and Willie Nelson gives us, perhaps, one of the most wholesome songs about them.

The Message in “Buddy”

The song’s message is simple and clear. Friends are there to comfort you in your trying times. When one experiences heartbreaks, it is your best friend who helps you get over it. It is really a great song by Willie Nelson.

When I heard the song play on “Parks and Rec” the biggest smile came over me because I thought that it was just the perfect song choice. Those who watch the show know that Leslie and Ron are polar opposites yet are still the best of friends.

That is so much like us. Most of the time, our best friends don’t always agree with us, but it is a fact that they are able to give us different perspectives and share it with us that makes them so special.

So here’s to our best friends, Let’s all keep doing stupid stuff together and appreciate the song “Buddy.”

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