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Sing the Need of the Hour with Buddy Greene: “Lord, Revive Us Again!”

Considering the paramount chaos that surrounds us, what song will be more fitting for us to sing than Revive Us Again? But instead of philosophizing, let’s have a bit of a background on how the hymn came to be.

The Hymn “Revive Us Again”
Sing the Need of the Hour with Buddy Greene: “Lord, Revive Us Again!” 1

Originally titled “Thine the Glory” and had scriptural bases on Psalm 85:56 and Habakkuk 3:2. In context, the psalm speaks of a remembering God’s continual goodness both to the land and nation of Israel. The psalmist then proceeds to implore God’s mercy to return the favor he’s given to Israel by restoring and reviving the people. The same can be said about the prophet Habakkuk. He had heard from his forefathers the mighty of works of God. Hence, he desired for God to show them in his time, too.

Won’t we want the same to happen to us?

The Backstory
Sing the Need of the Hour with Buddy Greene: “Lord, Revive Us Again!” 2

William Paton Mackay (1839-1870), a Scotland native, was one of those unfilially sons. His mother shed tears and uttered countless prayers for him to be brought into a saving knowledge of Jesus. He remained headstrong even after reaching adulthood. Soon, he left home.

Still hopeful for her son’s salvation, Mrs. Mackay gave her son a Bible. In it, she inscribed William Mackay’s name and the verse, John 3:6. Instead of treasuring the holy book, William eventually sold it.

Years later, William practices his medical studies in a hospital in Edinburgh. One day, a dying patient came. Knowing his end is certain, his dying wish was to see his landlady so he could pay his rent, and that his book be brought to him. Sadly, time was not on his side and he died without his precious book.

Dr. Mackay went to the man’s apartment. With the landlady’s help, they searched and found the man’s book. It was a Bible. Dr. Mackay, however, was stunned at the discovery that it’s the same Bible his mama gave him which he nonchalantly sold. His name was written on the front cover along with the John 3:16 text. That night, he read the Bible. The next day was the beginning of his new life.

His mother’s prayers finally paid off.

Buddy Greene, Revive Us Again

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Buddy Greene, hymn, Revive Us Again

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