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“Together Again” Speaks of the Joy Brought by Reclaimed Love

"Together Again" Speaks of the Joy Brought by Reclaimed Love 1
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On April 4, 1964, American country music artist and guitarist Buck Owens released “Together Again,” which would later become one of his signature hits. In fact, the song joined other hits like “Act Naturally,” “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail,” “Crying Time,” and “Love’s Gonna Live Here” to be Owens and the Buckaroos’ massive songs of their career.

"Together Again" Speaks of the Joy Brought by Reclaimed Love 2
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Considered as one of the finest steel guitarists, Tom Brumley has often sung with Owens in his performances from 1963 to 1969. To note, Brumley joined Owens in recording and performing the enumerated hits mentioned earlier. Specifically, their duet of “Together Again” was amazing. As a matter of fact, Country Music Television (CMT) honored Brumley’s performance as one of the best steel guitar solos in the country music history. This unique steel guitar sound made Brumley famous and fans called it “The Brumley Touch.” Moreover, the Academy of Country Music cited Brumley as a top steel guitarist.

The Song and its Interesting Story

It is in the 1960s when Buck Owens’ career grew and flourished. In 1963, he had earned the first of his 21 number one singles with his hit “Act Naturally.” It was immediately followed by another chart-topping song, “Love’s Gonna Live Here,” which would eventually be his biggest record ever. Actually, it spent 16 weeks on the no. 1 spot on the Billboard country charts. Also, it is considered the 13th biggest country single of all-time.

On the other hand, in 1964, Owens penned another poignant music that talks about a love redeemed and reclaimed – “Together Again.” It reveals a much deeper personality of Owens as it shows more of his romantic side. However, right after composing the song, Owens ruled it out as a “throwaway piece.” Interestingly, he conceived the song in just a few minutes but couldn’t see the song going big just like his first two hits.

To tell more, “Together Again” highlights the happiness felt from a reclaimed love, in an almost prayerful manner. Its message is simple, contained in a melody seemingly suited for the heartbroken. Its sad music was set in a happy manner reminding the listener of the hurtful feeling of losing someone you love. Needless to say, the song also points out that beyond the deep anguish of the loss, it is still wonderful to be back and fall in love together again.

WATCH: Buck Owens performs his 1964 hit single “Together Again” with Tom Brumley at the Ranch Show in 1966.

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