October 31

Lets have a Creepy Monster Holiday with Buck Owens

Halloween is one of the most awaited events of the year, well it is the time when kids can wear those scary and cute costumes. They enjoy doing this because at the end of the day they receive treats. Further, Halloween was described by Buck Owens in one of his 1974 hits. It’s kinda creepy, but if you’re this kind of person who likes creepy things, then you will love the song.

“The Hall of Famer”

Alvis Edgar Owens Jr. commercially known as Buck Owens is an American singer-songwriter. Thus, he is also a bandleader who accumulated 21 No. 1 hits in the Billboard Country Music. Wow! This man is really amazing, and not all artists can top that record. Also, with that kind of record, he must be a public figure and an icon during his prime years.

For a singer to be noticeable, he/ she needs to be distinct from the other artists. Further, there is a need to create their signature style. You know what, Buck Owens just did that. He built his own style. Hence, he always uses story lines and catchy choruses combined with his twangy electric guitar. Due to his contribution, he was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Buck Owens’ life was not easy, just like other artists. He worked as a truck driver for a living and when they moved to California, he had a chance to be a backup singer. It was then when he was discovered and his career took off in 1959 when his first single went to no. 24 on Billboards Country Charts. But, let’s admit that as an artist, they always need to provide a new sound, for them to remain in the spotlight. Here’s one example:

“It’s a Monster Holiday” was recorded by Buck Owens and it was released in 1974. Even more, if you like spooky stuff, then this suits you as an anthem for Halloween. The song also named some of the scary monsters that we can only see during the Halloween season. I hope that the listeners who love spooky stuff enjoyed this song. In my opinion, its really catchy yet spooky and it really suits the occasion. Well, happy Halloween, folks and enjoy trick or treating!


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