July 24

Buck Owens Wants to Play a Movie Role since He can “Act Naturally”

The song “Act Naturally” remains to be Buck Owens’ most popular song. The way that he performed it with his honky-tonk style really made an impact on the country music fans. Its upbeat vibes in contrast to the unfortunate lyrics were really something new in country music back then.

The song was released in 1963. It was penned by Owens’ bandmate Voni Morrison, and brilliant songwriter Johnny Russell.

buck owens, act naturally
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Behind Buck Owens’ Hit

At first, Owens did not want to record the song. He was only convinced by his guitarist and long-time friend, Don Rich, to record the track since it is right up his alley. Buck Owens almost made a mistake of not recording the song but it became his first country hit.

The song spent four non-consecutive weeks on top of the country charts. It tells a story of a man trying to mask his pain away by “Acting Naturally” but it does not really work. Owens sang the track really well with his uptempo rhythm and buoyant delivery. With the track generating enough buzz, the Beatles performed their version of it. Their cover of the song stayed true to how Owens performed it. It was upbeat and it has almost the same arrangement.

buck owens, act naturally
Buck Owens | Photo credit: open.spotify.com

Lyrics Breakdown

The story behind the song is quite tragic if we really listen to it. There is no need to act like a lonely person when you already feel dead inside. It sounds horrible but that is life in a nutshell. We are sometimes given problems that we can’t solve and the only thing we can do is feel sad. Worry not because sadness is a good reminder. It makes us realize that we need our family, friends, and loved ones. We can easily solve our problems if we are in it together.

Listen to the song here:

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buck owens, The beatles

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