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Bryce Mauldin Brings Tim McGraw’s “If You’re Reading This” to a Different Level

This most recent rendition of Bryce Mauldin, “If You’re Reading This” is so emotional that it will bring tears to your eyes.

“If You’re Reading This” is a song written that means to say goodbye  a fallen soldier. It is quite difficult to sing Bryce surely nailed it.

“So, it’s the Fourth of July, and it seems like a good time to thank those men and women who have served and serve our country,” Bryce says in the Facebook video that has been viewed more than 4750,000 times. He then belts out the ballad accompanied by nothing but a backing track.

Fans and followers who watched had a lot of good things to say about Bryce’s performance. One fan even wrote, “Oh my goodness! You have an amazing voice. Don’t stop using that voice.” “Amazing talent. [I] love your voice and pure soul,” wrote another.

Surprisingly, Bryce hasn’t been performing for very long. As shared on his Facebook page, he just started playing guitar last year, at the age of 19. After sharing his first video cover, his family took notice and encouraged him to pursue a musical career.

We’re sure that he is on the right path and that he will definitely go a long way.

Watch his rendition of “If You’re Reading This” below.

If you're reading this – Tim McGraw Glad to be an American and thankful for those who have fought and fight for our freedom!Follow my instagram @ Brycemauldin25I DO NOT own any music in this video

Posted by Bryce Mauldin on Tuesday, July 4, 2017


“If You’re Reading This”

If you’re reading this
My Mommas sittin there
Looks like I only got a one way ticket over here
Sure wish I
Could give you one more kiss
And war was just a game we played when we were kids

I’m laying down my gun
I’m hanging up boots
I’m up here with God and we’re both watching over you

So lay me down
In that open field out on the edge of town
And know my soul
Is where my momma always prayed
That it would go
And if you’re reading this
I’m already home

If you’re reading this
Half way around the world
I won’t be there
To see the birth of our little girl
I hope she looks like you
I hope she fights like me
Stand up for the innocent and weak

I’m laying down my gun
I’m hanging up boots
Tell dad I don’t regret that I followed in his shoes

So lay me down
In that…


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