September 6

Bryan White Released a “God Gave Me You” Video

Just as it captured the hearts of many hopeless romantics in the US, God Gave Me You reached another peak of popularity in the Philippines some time in 2015. It was used as theme song for the AlDub: Philippines’ phenomenal on-air love team. Daily, it aired on a segment of a noon-time variety show called “Eat Bulaga.”

Bryan White Released a “God Gave Me You” Video 1
The response was tumultuous. Since then, the song became inseparable in its association with AlDub. Millions of Filipino fans across the globe tweeted about their progressive romance. Along with it is the song’s massive contribution in reinforcing the couple’s on-screen love chemistry. A bit funny and cute, the national fandom adopted the label ALDUBNATION and “God Gave Me You” became its anthem.

Bryan White Astounded

Soon, Bryan White learned of the whole episodes due to the rise of his social media fan base. His comment below reflects that he, too, was astounded.

“The one thing that was reinforced for me is to never underestimate the impact of music and what it can do. Many years ago, I worked hard in making that the best it can be, and it just goes to show that it’s in God’s timing. It was a hit in the United States but nothing compared to here now.”

So on September 15th of 2015, Bryan flew to Manila, the country’s capital, and performed before his Filipino fans.

Additionally, in response to Philippines patronage, Bryan and his band made a new music video for the famed song. This time though, the song was in acoustic version. They even made a special mention of “ALDUB” written on sheets of paper at the beginning of the video recording.

Bryan may have been inactive for years; still, he sang the song like the first time. His song’s success overseas has definitely revived his singing career.


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