October 17

Amazing Man Plays a One-Stringed Guitar and Sings Glory With “No Man Stop Me”

Brushy One String

Brushy wasn’t always the Brushy that we know of with his hit songs “Chicken In The Corn” and this song “No Man Stop Me.” He was born named Andrew Chin, and throughout his life, he was a musician. Born to both musical families, he was already surrounded by melodies – until the untimely death of both of his parents. Ever since then, he tried his best busking around the streets of Jamaica.

Over the years, he had mediocre success with his musical career. Sometimes, he was invited to concerts, tours, and gigs. But after a while, he continued to roam around the streets of his hometown. Since music was in his blood, he pursued nothing else.

Brushy was armed with nothing but a soulful voice with a characteristically warm depth as he serenaded the people of Ocho Rios. He said that playing with one string came to him in a dream. And ever since then, he relied on nothing but his unorthodox playing style and the timbres of his multi-genre voice.

No Man Can Stop Brushy!

Although initially, you might think that Brushy’s roots are a mixture of blues and reggae, you can still hear the robust influence of gospel and his overwhelming faith.

“If we can change the worlds and melodies and bring back the love, we can have a balance between God and man,”

Brushy reflects in one interview.

“That’s what we need to put the world together.”

In this powerful tune, Brushy sings about glorifying God in all that he does and that nothing is going to stop him from doing so. He starts by saying good morning to the universe. Brushy also included a Bible verse in his song as part of his reflections. “No Man Stop Me” is indeed a masterpiece.

Listen to his song here!

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