January 24

A Brother Duo Like No Other: Cash and Cutter Singleton

We have heard the instrumental Foggy Mountain Breakdown performance of Cutter Singleton. Also, we have heard of the roaring “Tiger by the Tail” rendition of Cash Singleton. Anybody here wondering what great a performance they could deliver together? Stop wondering, folks. We’ll give you a taste of one of their performances together.

A Brother Duo Like No Other: Cash and Cutter Singleton 1

Unexpected Start of the Duo

The Singleton brothers consider themselves as old souls. It is really obvious when they perform. Cutter plays eight instruments, seven of which he taught himself. Cash, on the other hand, is the vocals of the duo. “I started off with Merle Haggard, and I started off from there,” said 7-year-old Cash. Their two-man band has been a local favorite since they started five years ago.

“It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far this quick,” said Cutter.

They have already extended their talent in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas. They have joined several Kentucky Opry Annual Talent Search. It all started with a phone call invite for Daryl Singletary’s benefit concert. They were asked to open for Singletary – a step they didn’t expect would bring them to more stages. Right then, the brothers already felt the power of music. Both brothers really had the heart to go into the music business.

Brothers Supplementing Each Other

Cutter sometimes practices two hours a day and, when he can, invites his little brother Cash into singing along with him. Cutter says he loves playing music with his brother and is always excited performing with him because they “will just go right on with the show.” You will not see the two unsteady in their boots before stepping up to the microphone. They don’t get nervous at all.

The brothers radiates this urge to young country artists to have the same mantra,

“It’ll be okay, you’ll be fine.”

In the middle of this performance, you can see the spotlight shared with Cutter as Cash’s accompaniment. Such talented kids!

We are with high hopes that these brothers will stick together and keep performing. We will keep you posted for more duets between the two in the future. Do not forget to always visit our website at https://www.countrythangdaily.com/.


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