March 22

Garth Brooks Inducting Chris Janson in the Opry is Moving

Garth Brooks was inducted into the Opry in 1990, showing just how much trust the Opry had in him as an entertainer. Since then, he has bagged numerous Entertainer of the Year award wins and has crushed ticket sales records all over the country. As busy as he is now, it is almost impossible for Brooks to be able to make an appearance at the Opry. Finally, Brooks stopped by the Opry on Tuesday night, March 20, for one very significant reason. That night was dedicated to the induction of another artist, Chris Janson. He has penned singles for Tim McGraw and has played harmonica for Lee Brice.

The Emotional Conversation of Brooks and Janson

Every time a new artist is inducted into the Opry, an existing member does the honor of inducting them. Janson and the crowd were much in awe when Garth came from behind the stage to welcome Janson into the Opry. The crowd rumbled at the sight of the six-time CMA Entertainer of the Year champion, who took off his hat and raised it to them and Janson. Evidently surprised to see Garth, Chris extended him a hug. The crowd’s cheers then tuned down leading Garth to deliver his short speech. His first words were,

“Congratulations, first of all. I came out here with a big speech. There’s nothing that I can tell you that you don’t already know.” 

An almost-weeping Brooks then spoke to a similarly emotional Janson about how important the Opry is:

“Family’s a great name for this place. Another great name for this place I heard is church. That’s what it’s all about. Because if any time you’re at your lowest, these people are gonna be there for you.”

Garth Brooks Inducting Chris Janson in the Opry is Moving 1

Before he took off, Brooks handed the plaque and let Janson know how his Opry induction night will always be in his mind,

This will be, no matter how many times you look back on it, the greatest night in your music career. It was in mine…

Brooks and Janson shared the most tearful and sincerest hug before Brooks left. Janson then immersed himself in the glory that rightful moment. Since they were both crying, we have no doubt that many members of the audience were in tears as well.

Watch the emotional moment when Brooks surprised Janson at the Opry in the clip below. Garth Brooks did a wonderful job inducting Chris Janson. 

Congratulations to Janson on being inducted into the Opry!


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