November 4

The Many Experiences of Brooks & Dunn on ‘Red Dirt Road’

Brooks & Dunn has always had a touch of their own personality when they are writing and performing a song together. The duo had etched a lot of songs in people’s memory as their repertoire tell many life experiences that most of us had a fair share too. When they decided to co-write a song together which they do not normally do, they ended up writing a song about first-hand experiences on the ‘Red Dirt Road’ somewhere in Arkansas. This beautiful song tells about the joyful memories connected to the red dirt road- a symbolism of first beer, a found lover, a wreckage of the first car, finding and meeting Jesus and that ‘happiness’ is not just for high achievers.

Red Dirt Road, Brooks & Dunn

The song was released by Brooks & Dunn in April 2003. Red Dirt Road becomes one of the duo’s number ones in their career. When asked about the inspiration for the song, Ronnie Dunn told American Songwriter magazine how the song is a recollection of adolescent memories:

“I remember it was after a show, and Kix stepped up on the bus,” he recalled. “The bus was running and getting ready to leave. He stepped up in the door well of the bus, and was sitting at the table. I had wanted to take… this happens a lot, we’d get a record finished, and I wanted to reel everything into a concept or kind of hang a stamp on it. I thought we needed something like ‘Red Dirt Road.’ Use that as the title.”

I remember Kix walking off of his bus as we were walking across the parking lot. He just looked like he’d been through the wringer. He wrote the verses to it. He played it, took us up on the bus. He was just beat man, like he’d been up for two days. He really plowed into it. He played it and I went, ‘Shoot! You want to arm wrestle over who sings this?’ He goes, ‘No man.’ I thought, ”My God!'”

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think:


Brooks & Dunn, Red Dirt

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