December 28

Brooks & Dunn Are “Building Bridges” with Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill

The Origin of “Building Bridges”

“Building Bridges” has been one of country classics songs. It was written by Larry Willoughby and Hank DeVito in 1984. Willoughby’s version reached number fifty-five on the Billboard Hot Country chart. Furthermore, he included this single on his album Building Bridges.

What’s the Song All About

Willoughby’s single speaks of a man who’s trying his best to reconnect with the woman he loved. He couldn’t live without her and emphasized on the first part of the song how sad he felt when she was gone.

Since you’ve gone, my heart said something’s wrong.

How long can this keep goin’ on?

I’m still blue over losin’ you.

What else am I gonna do?

The words “building bridges” mean to connect or make a relationship work out despite the differences. As you can see, the narrator’s trying his best to work out a broken relationship with his ex. However, sometimes if things are not meant to be, no matter what you do it wouldn’t work at all.

I’m buildin’ bridges straight to your heart,

An’ all of this distance won’t keep us apart,

Won’t keep us apart.

Brooks & Dunn’s Version

This classic song has been covered by different artists. However, it was Brooks & Dunn’s version that has reached the top ten of the Billboard country chart.

Brooks and Dunn Building Bridges
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In 2005, the duo collaborated with Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill. They recorded the song “Building Bridges” for their ninth studio album Hillbilly Deluxe. In 2006, they released it as a single, and it has reached number four on the country charts. What made the song climbed the top of the chart was the captivating vocals of the duo together with their guest singers. It was an incredible collaboration, no wonder it entered the top ten. Aside from entering the country chart, the duo’s version scored a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart too.

Their single was nominated for CMA’s Musical Event of the Year and Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

Check out Brooks & Dunn’s Version of “Building Bridges.”


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