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“Ain’t Nothing ’bout You:” Brooks & Dunn’s No. 1 Hit in 2001

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Every country music fan who has heard of Shapiro and Rutherford’s “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” for Brooks & Dunn had the feeling that it would easily become a hit. True enough, the country duo topped the charts with it in 2001. The creation of the song had some issues but still, it was pretty much effortless. While the songwriters had put much time and effort writing the song, Ronnie Dunn just recorded it in one take for five minutes.

About the Song

Released on February 12, 2001, “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” was recorded by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn. It was the first single from their seventh studio album, Steers & Stripes. American songwriters Tom Shapiro and Rivers Rutherford crafted the song while Brooks & Dunn co-produced it with Mark Wright.

Moreover, “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” was Brooks & Dunn’s no. 1 song in 2001. It debuted on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks at no. 48. Eventually, it placed on top of the chart weeks later. Meanwhile, the song also entered the pop hits charting at no. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. At the end of the year, it remained to be the no. 1 country song while it placed no. 71 on the pop charts.

Furthermore, “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” was nominated for Single of the Year by the Country Music Association (CMA). However, it failed to win the said award.

The Story Behind the Song and its Creation

The beginning of the song was not as favorable as what the outcome was. In fact, neither the songwriters Shapiro nor Rutherford gave much interest in working on “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You.” Fortunately, the two found themselves together on the studio, which would be their first writing session together. Interestingly, they ended up being friends and collaborating together.

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In an interview with The Tennessean, Shapiro recalled that while in the shower, he brought up the idea of the song. On the other hand, it was Rutherford who created and added the melody.

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Shapiro explained:

“Sometimes I do mental exercises. This was a way of saying, ‘How do you say, ‘I love everything about you?’ ‘ That’s all it was. I was actually in the shower (sings), and it came out. I just filed it away and I walk into the write, Rivers is there and plays this little melody that he had. Just loved the melody and said, ‘I have this idea I thought of this morning.’ He was surprised. ‘You thought of it this morning?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I come up with an idea once in a while.'”

On the other hand, Billboard magazine correspondent Chuck Taylor reviewed the song and gave a positive comment. He said:

“[It is] a sultry, hook-laden tune that finds Ronnie Dunn in fine vocal form. This single represents a departure from Brooks & Dunn’s signature honky-tonk style.”

WATCH the music video of Brooks & Dunn’s 2001 hit “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You:”

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