October 1

“Brokenheartsville” Re-released in Joe Nichols’ Greatest Hits Album

The Heartbreak Song

Back in 2011, American country star Joe Nichols released his first ever Greatest Hits album. It includes the famous song Brokenheartsville, among his other great hits. This song features Nichols’ iconic cool voice singing about a man who saw his woman drive away with another man. It is accompanied by catchy guitar riffs and that uniquely country twang. The song itself had the signature Nichols sound. But it is with a more upbeat tone like the notable songs Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off and Joe’s Place.

Most people have experienced a love found and a love lost. As a matter of fact, people would tend to turn to music to express their feelings. And in the case of Brokenheartsville, it accurately portrays how it feels like to see your woman leave with someone else. Accompanied by its music video, it sends a straightforward narrative. Have you seen the video? Come check it out here!

Its Chart-Topping Performance

In its initial release back in 2002, it was the second track in Nichol’s second studio album Man with a Memory. While his equally great track, The Impossible, was nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best Male Country Performance back in 2003, Brokenheartsville became his first of 40 number one hits on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks, and also number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In an interview promoting the album, he would continue to say that this song is a favorite of his that he did not write.

There’s no question of this song’s fame. It has become a popular song associated to the expression of heartbreak. Joe Nichols has successfully portrayed those emotions and captured the hearts of the American people throughout the years.

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