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A Cover of “Broken”, Trisha Yearwood’s First Christian Hit

A Cover of "Broken", Trisha Yearwood's First Christian Hit 1
Trisha Yearwood | Photo credit: Youtube

Trisha Yearwood is certainly one of the female singers in country music whose musical talents stood the test of time. She may not be as visible on the music scene nowadays as she was during her golden years but she never fails to amaze her fans each time she delivers any song. That applies to whether she’s singing alone or with other artists. In a recent article here on Country Thang Daily, we featured her and husband Garth Brooks reliving some of the classic country songs in a medley duet.

Today, we bring you the country diva and another poignant performance of her. This time, it’s her significant role in a Christian music television special that we’re going to tackle. During the live staging of The Passion: New Orleans in March 2016, not only had Trisha played the role of Mary but she also performed one of the show’s soundtracks. And much to the astonishment of the audience, the said delivery exudes a great deal of emotion and care.

The Unexpected Hit

“Broken” was the original soundtrack for The Passion: New Orleans that Yearwood has reenacted live. As she stood on stage only with the mic, she gave the song a soaring treatment from beginning to end. The song was originally recorded by the alternative-rock/Christian crossover band Lifehouse in 2007. In an interview, Yearwood shared that when she signed on to do the show, recording a soundtrack was never part of it. However, things changed in an instant. She just found her version of “Broken”  being used commercially as a promotional act for the show.

After the audience watched her live performance of the song during the show, it quickly became a favorite on social media. To Yearwood’s surprise, “Broken” charted on Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and later became an adult contemporary hit. Shortly after, the song gained a huge popularity and even being embraced on the road. Yearwood also stated that when she recorded the song, she never had any stressful moment doing it.

“Normally when you make a record, you’re in the studio trying to be creative and you’re picking songs that you love and you hope other people love them, but there’s this underlying anxiety about what’s going to be a single and, ‘Will people like it and will people buy a record?’ But, there was none of that for this because it was never an expectation. It’s been the least stressful recording I’ve ever done in my life.”

Additional Information About the Song

“Broken” is a compelling ballad that depicts being totally worn down but one’s profound faith could be a foundation of strength to keep moving forward. Additionally, the song’s heavy message of healing made it perfect for the show as it narrates the last days of Jesus.

Listen to Yearwood’s soaring performance of “Broken” below.

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