“Broken Roses,” a new single to be released by Ana Cristina Cash, speaks about a turbulent relationship that involves mental health and it aims to raise awareness.

broken roses

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She was invited to perform as a VIP guest in Change Direction Jam: A Global Conversation on Mental Health which will take place on October 10-11, 2019.

broken roses, ana cristina cash

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A Short Description on Mental Health in the US

October 10, 2019, is officially the World Mental Health Day and on this day we will take a closer look at mental health. We need to be more aware of this and know how it manifests, how to deal with it, how to help people suffering from it, and how to help others know better about mental health.

Each year millions of people in the US are affected by different mental illnesses and even more suffer from it around the world.

In 2018 at least 19.1% of adults in the US (that’s 47.6 million people) have experienced a form of mental illness, this means that 1 out of 5 adults is suffering from it.

A record in 2016 shows that 16.5% of Youths in the US (That’s 7.7 million people) have experienced a form of mental health disorder.

Understanding mental health can greatly help increase ways to treat them and help the people suffering from them.

Ana Cristina Cash Raises Awareness through “Broken Roses”

The song, “Broken Roses” tells a story of a troubled relationship with mental health being involved in it. It hopes to serve as a way to help remove the stigma around mental health. Ana Cristina Cash talks about her song saying:

“My hope was for “Broken Roses” to promote conversation about mental health and now with the help of Change Direction I know it will have a stronger impact, reach more people, and touch more lives through the power of conversation. I’m so grateful to Change Direction for allowing me to be a part of such an instrumental event.”

broken roses

image provided by Aristo PR

Watch the official music video of this awe-inspiring song here!

Join Ana in the conversation on Oct. 10 at 1:30 pm CST, and register to the Change Direction Jam here.