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“My Broken Souvenirs” Brings Back Memories Of Country Music in the 70’s


Back in the 70’s, when country music was good and was all about the real country. Pussycat, the Dutch band, has offered a very sensible song called “My Broken Souvenirs.” It is one of the many country songs, worth listening to. That, and perhaps, everybody had listened to before. The song, undoubtedly, will bring back the good old days of country music. Also, it will remind us all, of the great country artists and legends. It will recollect the old soul in us. With this, let’s reminisce the music of 70’s through the song. It will certainly flashback the sounds, the harmony, and the music we used to hear a long time ago.

My Broken Souvenirs…

The song was recorded by the underrated Dutch group called “Pussycat.” It was part of their album “Souvenirs.” Werner Theunissen was the songwriter behind the reminiscing “My Broken Souvenirs.” The song was actually a hit all over the globe in 1977.

The Lyrics…

For each moment of tears

I still had my souvenirs

Cherished in a pocket full of dreams

I could hold I could feel

Kept pretending they were real

Long time after lovers stayed away.

Now a picture of you

I had cherished so true

Even kissed ’till I’d seen you again

But when

I’ve been crying today

Threw my memories away

Something died as I cried

For my broken souvenirs.

Can I reach for the sun

Find a place I belong

Now you’re one of my broken souvenirs.

If you’ll need me again

There’s no way you really can

Pasted pieces never make a whole

And if you leave your room

On some windy afternoon

Try to see where all the pieces flew.

It was hard to get on

Since my memories were gone

But if you’ll ever see me again

I can

I’ve been crying today…

The Pussycat…

Pussycat was a Dutch country and pop group led by the three Kowalczyk sisters. They were Toni, Betty, and Marianne. On the other hand, Lou Willé, Toni’s then-husband, Theo Wetzels, Theo Coumans, and John Theunissen were the other members.

Before establishing the band, the three sisters were telephone operators in Limburg, while Theunissen, Wetzles, and Coumans were in a group called “Scum.” Lou Willé played in a group called “Ricky Rendall and his Centurions” until he married Toni, and created the group Sweet Reaction that eventually became known as “Pussycat.”

In 1975, Pussycat, the Dutch country, and the pop band made their way to stardom when their number single “Mississippi” skyrocketed. In fact, it was the only single of the group to top the charts. But, it took a year for the song to reach its peak in the United Kingdom. Moreover, “Mississippi” topped the charts and sold more than five million copies worldwide. Not only was the band embraced by music obsessives inside and outside of the country scheme.

The band’s other top charting singles were “Smile” and “Georgie.” With these great songs, they are known all over the globe. In fact, they’re one of the best groups that have soulful song contents and meanings.

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Mississippi, My Broken Souvenirs, Pussycat

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