January 22

Best Loved Hymns VII: Bringing In the Sheaves

Derived from the quoted Psalm, Bringing in Sheaves became a staple hymn among Protestant groups. It was one of those old classics that had sprung up in the late 1800s. To date, it’s a mainstay song for evangelism and disciple-making.

Let’s have a good listen again to Mr. Ford, our favorite singer of hymns who happens to love them much as we do.

Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings “Bringing In the Sheaves”

The Songwriter

Knowles Shaw (1834-1878) was credited as The Singing Evangelist for his powerful vocal cords. His story of conversion was interesting. It happened in the middle of his violin performance for a ball. Having found conviction in what he had embraced to believe, he soon became a clergyman.

Bringing in the Sheaves was among the last songs he composed.

Song’s Anatomy

On top of irrevocable obedience to your call, the tune aims to inspire patience, persistence, and an uncomplaining attitude to the task given.

Every verse comes with a contrast. The first two lines present a dilemma. This is then followed by the 3rd line given as a balm to ease any constraints. To add weight to it, the fourth line acts as the point man to the blissful conclusion.


As the Church faces various crises, words and music to boost their morale are a treasure. Hence, the prominence of “Bringing in the Sheaves.” The song reminds them that all their labors were not in vain. They will be rewarded for sure. Like the harvest, they will receive seven or ten times their labor. By then, they will rejoice not just because they can now enjoy the fruits of their labor and the days of hard work ended. There’s also rejoicing at the thought of going home where the Father is. He’ll be waiting to welcome us all. May  each one hears him say, “Well Done, good and faithful servant.”


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