September 25

Listen: Ernest Tubb and Loreta Lynn’s ‘Our Hearts are Holding Hands’ Grips Faithfulness

Written by the great songwriter, host, and commentator for Country Music industry, Mr. Bill Anderson!

Get a dose of Our Hearts are Holding Hands.

Another cheesy title I know but if you are looking for songs to promote good faith and trust, this has got to be one. It has to be categorized as a “we-should-have-more-of-this-type-of-song-on-the-airwaves” to counter the influx of songs glorifying cheating and infidelity. Much as we are open-minded and liberal thinkers, it still comes as a shocker how the modern culture has become accepting on such atrocities. For most young people, they are only hearing the catchy tune and think less to nothing of the lyrics. Tsk! What a pity.

Anyhow, this song is a gem as it paints the beauty of the love between a woman and a man who, though apart, have committed themselves in their relationship. Temptations may come, and wealth may have a strong pull, yet their faithfulness for each other remains intact. The chorus expressed it beautifully! Again, thank you so much for your genius Mr. Bill Anderson! Some great stuff you have written!

Cause our hearts are holding hands across the miles
Even though we’re lonely we can smile
Cause I know you’re my woman and I know you’re my man
We’re far apart but our hearts are holding hands

There were other videos uploaded with the two legends’ photos mounted on them, but this one got the clearest audio. Listen well!


First recorded and released by Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn in 1965. It is inclusive in the album, Mr. and Mrs. Used to Be, and it peaked at No. 24 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. Other remarkable duet versions were made by Bonnie Owens and Merle Haggard with The Strangers in April 1966 followed by Tracey K. Houston with Troy Cook Jr. in February 2007.


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