October 31

Bryan Adams with his Hit, “Straight from the Heart”

The 70’s and the 80’s was the greatest era, because it is where other genres of music is being discovered. Thus, one of the pioneers is Bryan Adams; he is also considered as a music icon. It’s nice that a lot of artists are using him as an inspiration for them to pursue their music careers.

“The Man”

Bryan Guy Adams commercially known as Bryan Adams is a multi-talented artist, philanthropist, and activist. He first rose to fame in Canada then he conquered the United States in 1983 then he turned into a global sensation. Through the years, Adams released chart-topping songs and albums that have been sold worldwide. In addition, due to his contribution to music, he garnered 20 Juno Awards and 15 Grammy Awards.

Truly, this man had dominated the music industry for a long time, and to date, he is still active in the business. During his early life, Bryan Adams is often seen in the music spotlight. Further, he played as a backup for local artists back then. In 1979, he became the frontman of the band Sweeney Todd, who luckily landed no. 1 on the Canadian Charts with the song “Roxy Roller.” Eventually, this became a turning point for Adams to make international success too.

“Cuts Like a Knife”

Straight from the Heart” is one of the successful singles of the Canadian superstar Bryan Adams. Hence, the song was released in February 1983, and it was included on his third studio album “Cuts like a Knife.” Upon its release, the song was a massive hit in Canada, and it was his turning point to become well known in the U.S. as well. In particular, it landed on no. 10 in the Top 40 and no. 32 in the Adult Contemporary Charts. For the record, this was his first single to appear on the charts.

The song was composed by Eric Kagna and was given to Bryan Adams, but for some reasons, he did not record it until 1983. Concerning this, the song was recorded by another artist, and it was first released in 1980. Thus, having several versions of the song, Adams’ version was the one with massive success. We can say that he had a unique interpretation of the song for it to become a global success.


Bryan Adams, Cuts Like a Knife, Eric Kagna, Straight from the Heart

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