April 16, 2018

Brett Young Wrote A Hit to be Everybody’s Love Story

Brett Young Wrote A Hit to be Everybody's Love Story 1

Brett Young / Youtube

Today’s story about Brett Young wouldn’t be complete without first extending to him our warmest congratulations for his win from the 53rd ACM Awards. The New Male Vocalist of the Year appeared on the prestigious awarding ceremony to delight the audience with his solid performance of “In Case You Didn’t Know.” That was, in fact, his first ever ACM performance. Young learned earlier about his award via a phone call from the program’s host and herself an award-winning country artist Reba McEntire. Prior to his win, the young singer has been engaged to his girlfriend Taylor Mills. Likewise, he’ll be part of Thomas Rhett’s’ Life Changes Tour this year. Indeed, he’s got a lot to celebrate!

Writing of the Song

In an interview, Young shared that when he wrote the song with Tomlinson and Reeve, he wasn’t thinking about a trophy or recognition for it. Likewise, the three tried writing a song that does not exactly reflect its inspiration. Penned in Mexico, “In Case You Didn’t Know” drew inspiration from one of the writer’s childhood story.

“When (Trent) was a little kid, every time he would leave the house, his mom would stop him on the way out the door and say, ‘Hey Trent, in case you didn’t know, love you,’” Young said.

Young found his friend’s story to be sounding interesting and a good idea for a song. After a further discussion about it, the group started working on the lyrics. Eventually, they ended up with something like a wedding song. Interestingly, many people made it as part of the biggest day of their lives. Ironically, Young shared that the song won’t be part of his wedding. But he said he has something else up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Young also shared a fan’s story who was inspired by his single. The broken-hearted supporter of Young said that after hearing his song, he was determined to fight for his love and win her back. After several months, the couple attended Young’s concert and we’re already engaged.

As many came to love the tune, it received a triple platinum certification from the RIAA. It was Young’s platinum-certified song.

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