November 4

The Happily Ever After of Brett Young and Taylor Mills


Country Music is a realm that’s an entirety in itself. While most traditional artists take activities in the southern states as their inspiration for songs, some chose a rather-soulful genre that could make tough-looking men weep. Still, not everybody knows that country music and its proponents are actually a world of fairytales and love stories, too. Among the few comes the story of Brett Young and Taylor Mills, and how the twisted world and challenges brought them in each other’s arms.

Defying the Odds

Brett Young and Taylor Mills’ story began way long before they decided to tie the knot in August 2018. Six years ago, Mills was still a student at Arizona State University then decided to move to Los Angeles. The two temporarily split as Young left for Nashville to pursue his dreams of entering the country music scene. The break-up, Young explained, was harsh, but most of the songs in his first recorded album in 2017 were about Mills.

The then-broken up couple knew that there was no bad blood between them and was clear about the fact that only their timing was wrong. Sometime after that, the few remaining sparks came ablaze when their road once again intertwined and it was ‘the right place and the right time’.

Sturdier than Diamonds

Brett Young and Taylor Mills’ ways parting and how their relationship withered were part of their journey and that’s how they became stronger than ever. David Kodner custom-made a diamond ring for Taylor Mills and Brett Young presented the ring with one knee down near their alma mater. Young says that he wanted someone to share all his success with, and one who would stay despite the odds. He admits that he cannot imagine his life without Taylor Mills by his side.

After making a huge success in his 2018 single ‘Mercy’, Brett Young then proceeded to publicly marry Taylor Mills in Palm Springs, California on November 3, 2018. They later revealed that they had a much intimate one on August 10 of the same year in the Music Row chapel and have kept it a secret for everyone except for Mill’s sister.

Now, Brett Young and Taylor Mills are celebrating their second-year anniversary. Together with their one-year-old daughter Presley Elizabeth, let us be reminded of yet another great single by the country star, ‘Lady.’ Brett Young penned the songfor his daughter as along the road, he knew that their family of three will live happily ever after.


Brett Young, Taylor Mills

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