January 26

Flashback to Walter Brennan’s “Old Rivers’ Trunk”

Song Summary

Saddened by the death of his old friend, the protagonist went to Old Rivers home. His meager possessions were being auctioned. Paying respect to the memory Old Rivers, he bought his trunk for two dollars. In it, he found Old Rivers most valuable possession; the Bible. He then proceeded to comfort himself with the thought that Old Rivers had gone to his dreamland. There in that mountains o’er clouds, he would finally reap the fruits of his earthly labor.

To those who experienced forging friendships with their seniors, this may cause them to tear up.
Listen to the full song below.

Walter Brennan in “Old Rivers’ Trunk”

Old Spirits and Old Souls

People say you must act your age. Be an adult when you’re already one, but don’t be a know-it-all when you’re around your seniors. They’ve lived longer so they know better right? Not necessarily. Some youths are older than their actual age in the way they think, talk and act. How is that possible?

Well, when you’re friends with older people, you get to mature fast. Young and naïve, it may be hard to understand everything they tell you at first. As you come of age though, you start seeing the wisdom they may or may not have intentionally passed on to you. To balance, you weigh how their experiences can influence your present reality.

The Frailty of Life

Reminds me of a line from Randy Travis’ song, “Three Wooden Crosses.” It states that the things we leave are what matters.

For Old Rivers, his faith may have lifted him up to the clouds, but he left his spirit behind for his younger friend to pick up. When the lad walks around, they’ll recognize Old Rivers in him like he has not left.


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