December 20

2019 Christian Flick “Breakthrough” Loudly Bespeak God’s Miracles

God’s hand is not short that he cannot extend it to work mind-blowing miracles.

Brought to us by 20th Century Fox, “Breakthrough” is a faith-based film that has quite caused a stir upon release of its first trailer. The film’s based on the miraculous true story of Joyce Smith who almost lost her adopted son after he fell through thin ice. But a mother’s love is relentless and with her unshakable faith, Smith prayed for God to restore his son’s life. Watch the official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Quite intriguing aint it? One remote life occurrence turned the world’s eyes to the reality of Divine interventions. In just a day from its launch, the trailer reportedly got  9 million hits. It is, indeed, a must watch so don’t forget to pass the word.  

Shame that there wasn’t any country tune in the soundtrack. Hillsong’s “Ocean” as the film’s main song is great, nonetheless.

What “Breakthrough” Meant in the Faith Context

“Breakthrough” has become a common word among Christians particularly in the Pentecostal and Charismatic circles. For non-charismatic churches, the word simply means the point in your life when you got saved, answered prayers, and even miracles.

As for the Charismatic groups,“breakthrough” has two possible definitions. On the surface, the word pertain to various spiritual encounters and experiences that enhance one’s faith. On the deeper level, “breakthrough” is a word when a believer faces an obstacle like the tragedy in the movie for today’s feature. Knowing that his hurdle will impair and hurt him badly if not dealt with, the believer has to contend in prayer like what Joyce Smith did. She could have easily given up and accepted the bitter death of her son but she didn’t. Instead, she took the matter to the One who gives breath to all creatures and was not disappointed. 

Bottom line, God hears the cries and prayers of his children. He always comes to their rescue whenever he’s needed.

2019 Christian Flick “Breakthrough” Loudly Bespeak God’s Miracles 1
Joyce Smith and son, John.


Breakthrough, Joyce Smith

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