March 8

Brantley’s “Take It Outside” for The True American Bad Ass

Brantley's "Take It Outside" for The True American Bad Ass 1

Aside from being a famous country music star of his generation, Brantley Gilbert is also a solid supporter of our military troops. As such, the young singer teamed up with several organizations of war veterans and soldiers to conduct events dedicated to them. The singer has worked with the Polaris and Disabled American Veterans and Wounded Warrior groups, among others. Moreover, it’s not surprising if one or so of his songs talk about those brave men in uniform. His song “Take It Outside” can be an example.

Although the song did not focus exactly on the warriors’ lives and works, it somehow carries themes relative to bravery and fighting. For these reasons, a devoted follower of Gilbert, Kelly Matthews, used his creativity and skills to come up with the coolest, most entertaining and fitting music video for his song “Take It Outside.” It featured The True American Bad Ass as indicated in the video introduction. Matthews made it as a tribute to them. The video incorporated some photos of our Marines in combat. Delight yourself with the chilly video clip below.

Additional Trivia

“Take It Outside” was included in Gilbert’s 2010 album Halfway to Heaven. For some reasons though, the record label never released the single on the radio. The tune’s subject matter centers on those men who know how to brawl. Additionally, it gives emphasis to the phrase “take it outside” and how it’s used to mean something was getting settled.

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