No matter how progressive our generation has become, there are still some issues we are facing and one of which is sexism in country music. However, even though these issues are hot, we think it won’t die down soon. Brandi Carlile and other country female artists voiced out their thoughts about it.

Brandi Carlile cowgirls sexism

Brandi Carlile voices out her thought about sexism in her latest single “Cowgirls.” Photo by Brashear/Getty Images

Brandi Carlile’s New Song “Cowgirls”

Carlile performed her song at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California this month. Before her amazing performance, she gave a speech about the country music industry and how the women of the country world taught her a lot in her life. They were the source of her inspiration, and growing up they mold her into a great person and artists that she is.

“My first three concerts were Judds concerts, y’all, at a fairground just like this one, and oh my God, I loved the Judds and Trisha Yearwood and Tanya Tucker and Rosanne Cash. And I mean, really, I was only allowed to listen to country music to a certain age in my house. We were kind of rural people and that was just our lifestyle. And I was so incredibly lucky to have so many women country singers to help tell the story of the other half of the human race.”

Not a Highwomen Song

The song is apparently not going to be one of the singles for the group Highwomen, which only means that Carlile is planning to release more songs or an album instead, who knows?

“This isn’t a Highwomen song, but I wrote this song about this … This isn’t a Highwomen song, but I wrote this kind of a tongue-in cheek song to the boys in the country music industry.”

Highwomen is a group of powerful country singers who are made of Carlile herself, Maren Morris, Natalie Hemby, and Amada Shires.

brandi carlile highwomen cowgirls sexism

The supergroup Highwomen. Photo from

Check out Carlile’s badass, brand new single “Cowgirls.”

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