May 7

Shout With the Branded and Praise His Beautiful Name

What hides in the name of Jesus? The name of Jesus covers more than we can imagine. It contains more beauty, wonder, and power. “What A Beautiful Name” is a song within Branded’s album, Hymns – Some Of Our Favorites. It carries with transparency, the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, the warmth of God’s glory. Moreover, it expresses the exact face of His being, the creative outlet of His power. The duo, “Branded”, sang this hymn melodiously touching our hearts, drawing us closer to Him by endlessly praising His Name.

Shout With the Branded and Praise His Beautiful Name 1

This song acknowledges that no larger beauty and wonder exists aside from of Jesus. His love is unrivaled and absolute.

Of every name and every human name

And every sound that’s whispered on the wind

No other one could ever feel the emptiness inside,

And I can hear it over and over and over again.

“Jesus, my Jesus, what a beautiful name!”


What Hides in His Name

Knowing God more and adoring Him is the most vital reason for our existence. Often, we understand that God loves us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, we have not totally understood His presence in our current circumstances. And, perhaps, we see God as the highest, almighty Divine being, but have never known Him close. He is also a friend aware of the pits of our humanity. He knows that our weaknesses cannot ruffle His love. Jesus’ “beauty” induces the rawness of His love and the sweetness of His presence. His “wonder” tells our gratefulness for salvation and admiration at the spans of His sacrifice. His “power” sustains a call to remember our right to the power of God in every state.

Jesus has the Name above all others. Anything that we consider our triumphs, and challenges, come under the power of His Name.

Our Prayer, and Yours

Within the song, there is a balance of complete holiness about God revealing Himself to us through Christ. Sometimes, finding the best in a worship song is not always easy. Jesus is God’s Word: dominant, respected, and supreme. He is the wonder of salvation, who reconciled us to God.

Our prayer for this song is that we can all enter into a deeper revelation of the person of Jesus Christ, the epitome of beauty.

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Branded, The Branded, What A Beautiful Name

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