June 28

A “Honky Tonk Dream”, Jay Bragg Belting Out Jackson’s Hits

If you are looking for a good ole music combined with the honky-tonkin’ vibe, add Jay Bragg and his new album Honky Tonk Dream to the list of names and projects you need to check out. But, do not feel reserved pushing it to the very top of the pile. You probably do not know much about him yet. Okay, we will do much of the talking then, fellas. Let us get to know him more, including one bright performance he had with Alan Jackson’s “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”.

A “Honky Tonk Dream”, Jay Bragg Belting Out Jackson’s Hits 1


Most artists sharpen their craft behind the scenes, in practice spaces and writing rooms. For country artist and songwriter, Jay Bragg, the weapon has always been improved right in front of the audience, on the stages of America’s barrooms and honky tonks. His childhood was full of stakes of country, rock, rhythm, and blues. Legends like Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, and Willie Nelson, together with family singing bondings helped develop his style not only as a singer-songwriter but also an ardent entertainer. Bragg was eight years old when he first performed in front of an audience to play the bluegrass standard “Turkey In The Straw.” From that day, he was angled on the musician’s life.

In 2015, after Bragg spent thirteen years cutting teeth in bars and honky tonks, he finally decided to take the big jump and permanently stay in Nashville.

At Present, An Album

Now, like some old-school-style pickers and singers searching for their place in Nashville, he ended up with a gig fronting the house band at Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar on Lower Broadway. He does this when he is not playing a four-hour set at the Nashville Palace near the Opry. This is the kind of commitment necessary to the legacy of country music often leading to some of the best original songs. The kind of commitment that led Bragg to his album, Honky Tonk Dream. It holds nothing back, tending out of the starting tracks with the very fun, twangy, and catchy “I Can Only Dance to Country Music”, which is a good traditional music, nostalgic of the best jukebox hits of Alan Jackson’s glory days.

Honky Tonk Dream only has eight tracks. Nevertheless, there is enough substance here to deliberate it a full length-record. Bragg finishes off the set with a cover of his boss Alan Jackson’s “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”. He saved the best, for last, indeed. Thanks to his efforts working in Jackson-themed bar, Bragg had so much time to practice playing timeless songs like this.

With this album, he makes that dream a reality, for himself, and twang-starved masses wanting to hear country music like it was, and like it always should be. We are hoping to hear the songs in the album, soon.

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