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Find Upliftment From Brady Seals’ “The Best Is Yet To Come”


Find Upliftment From Brady Seals' "The Best Is Yet To Come" 1

The Song and Its Artist In Brief

“The Best Is Yet To Come” is one of the three singles of Brady Seals recorded for his self-titled album. It is the American country music artist’s second and independent release. The single, along with the other tracks “I Fell” and “Whole Lotta Hurt”, charted on the Billboard country charts. All of the three didn’t reach the top 40 though.  The singer used to be a member of the band Little Texas. He decided to pursue a solo singing career thus, leaving the group in 1995.

Thoughts From the Song’s Lyrics

In this song, the narrator admits his lousiness sometimes that may probably make his partner lose her affection for him. He specifies his unfortunate circumstances as possible factors that could weaken their relationship as lovers. But in every line where his crummy nature was mentioned, an affirmation of his love’s truthfulness is expressed.  In the chorus, the speaker asked his beloved to be much stronger for their relationship. Instead of giving up and running away, she must keep her faith in him. Searching her heart deeper will make her find her partner’s sincerity.

The following verse of the song is what I liked the most. It voices out the man’s desire for an enduring love to exist between the two of them. The kind of love that will make them stay together all the time is all he wants. This line also speaks of his willingness to support her in her triumphs and also to cheer her up during hard times.

All I want from now until forever
Is for you and me to always be together
All I wanna do is to be there for you when your dreams come true
And take the hard times and make them better

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