March 19

Think Life is Unfair? Hear Bradley Walker with Joey & Rory


Think Life is Unfair? Hear Bradley Walker with Joey & Rory 1
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Longtime friends and gospel singers Bradley and Rory with Tim Johnson collaborated to bring us another inspirational tune called I Feel Sorry for Them.

He and the Feek Couple (Joey and Rory) recorded the said song as part of his 2016 album, Call Me Old-Fashioned under the Gaither Music Group and Farmhouse Recordings label. Have a good listen to every word.

Bradley, Joey, and Rory in “I Feel Sorry for Them”

Aren’t those words treasures? Bradley Walker is a singer-songwriter the time hearing.

A natural storyteller, Bradley hopes that through his songs, he’ll be able to reach people who are unchurched. He wants them to think about life-a strong influence from his idols like Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin, Keith Whitley, George Jones, Gene Watson, Mel Street and George Strait.

What’s In the Song:

It’s Bradley’s life put in a song. He chronicles his three-decade journey of being in a wheelchair but not feeling sorry for himself. Rather, he feels sorry for:

Mothers who are solo-parents,

 loners who couldn’t find real friends, those who lost their homes in a hurricane,

 the 9-11 victims and their families,

people who could still not shake racism off their systems,

and those who do not know love.

Back to Bradley and Rory with wife Joey, the three have been together in recordings and stage performances. The trio impressed Southern Gospel Songs proponent Bill Gaither that he offered a team up to do CD and DVD recordings. As for Bradley, Gaither thinks his voice is the kind that “stops you in your tracks.” Furthermore, Bradley’s music is a “rare combination of talent, substance, and good old-fashioned values.” A rare gem indeed!

Trivia: Did you know that Joey Feek asks Bradley to sing at her funeral? He sang Leave It There.

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