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“We Danced”: Brad Paisley Proves That He’s a Great Storyteller


"We Danced": Brad Paisley Proves That He's a Great Storyteller 1
Brad Paisley |Photo Credits: grammy.com

About the Song

A country hit song in the 2000s, “We Danced” was originally recorded and performed by West Virginian native country singer Brad Paisley. American songwriter and record producer Frank Rogers produced the song under the Arista Nashville music label. In addition, Paisley co-wrote the song with songwriter and music publisher Chris DuBois. It was then released on June 26, 2000, as the last single from Paisley’s first album, Who Needs Pictures.

Upon its release, “We Danced” immediately entered the country music charts and debuted at no. 58  on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Since its stay on the charts, it eventually notched the no.1 spot. On the other hand, the song also penetrated the Billboard Hot 100 where it placed no. 29.

Moreover, “We Danced” also entered the year-end charts in 2000 and 2001. It ranked 46th on the Billboard Country Songs in 2000 while 54th in 2001 on the same chart.

Song Theme

We Danced” is not a typical song that focuses on what is obvious. It narrates about a man who is closing a tavern when a woman comes back and claims to have accidentally left her purse behind. The man then responds that indeed he has found one but offers a deal to the woman. Subsequently, both individuals engage in a conversation. He tells the woman that before he hands her purse, she must share a dance with him first. She then agreed to the deal. Interestingly, they fall in love with each other, and eventually, he proposes to her.

"We Danced": Brad Paisley Proves That He's a Great Storyteller 2
ca. 2001 — Man Dancing with Woman — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

This was one of the first songs Brad Paisley ever created as a budding artist way back in 2000. In an interview, he shared that he didn’t actually know where the song was going and admitted that was not sure about the song at all.

He explained:

“We had no idea at first where we were going with this song. It started out with us focusing on a guy who owns a bar. And we began with the scenario that he’s there working after the bar is closed, sweeping and putting the chairs up. Then this girl comes in who’s forgotten her purse. We built the rest of the song around that concept. That’s my favorite way of writing a song, because you never know where it’s going. You’re never pigeonholed by having to get from A to B, because you don’t know what B is.”

Watch Brad Paisley perform “We Danced” live on the CMA Awards night in 2000:

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Brad Paisley, We Danced

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