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WATER: Number-one Hit Single of Brad Paisley in 2010

WATER: Number-one Hit Single of Brad Paisley in 2010 1
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About the Song

A country music hit in 2010, “Water” was originally performed and recorded by American country music singer-songwriter Brad Paisley. Officially released on March 29, 2010, it was the fourth single on his seventh studio album, American Saturday Night. Moreover, Paisley co-penned the song with American songwriters Chris DuBois and Kelly Lovelace. Meanwhile, American record producer and songwriter Frank Rogers produced it for Arista Nashville Records.

WATER: Number-one Hit Single of Brad Paisley in 2010 2
Brad Paisley |Photo Credits: deadline.com

Before its official release to radios, “Water” first entered the charts in 2009, a year before Paisley released it with his album. To note, the song was a chart-topper. It debuted to no. 55 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2009 from an unsolicited airplay. the following year after its release as a single, it re-entered the charts and climbed to no. 48. Throughout its stay on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, it peaked at no. 1. Moreover, “Water” managed to cross over the pop charts and penetrated the Billboard Hot 100 ranking at no.42. In addition, it entered the Canadian Hot 100 chart peaking at no. 54.

By April 2011, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified the single Gold.

Water” centers on the importance of water in our everyday lives. It lists down its various uses and situations where water is involved like playing in a kiddie pool as a child, jumping from a rope swing with friends on a riverbank, and later wet t-shirt contests on spring break and skinny dipping with a girlfriend. Furthermore, the narrator of the song also describes as having a connection or “love affair” with water.

Brad Paisley’s Thoughts

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Brad Paisley revealed that while he was doing his previous album, 5th Gear, he had a recollection of his high school memories and looked back and saw who he became from a little boy on. Additionally, he expressed that the song, “Water:

“deals with a love affair with water that began with an inflatable pool and grew to bigger bodies of water, and eventually all the things that you can do around water that you can’t get away with anywhere else. My songs are certainly influenced by how I see the world through other sets of eyes as well as my own.”

WATER: Number-one Hit Single of Brad Paisley in 2010 3
An interview with Brad Paisley |Photo Credits: CMT.com

On the other hand, while he was writing the song, his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley, gave him the advice to change a certain line to make it more relatable. Paisley recalled:

“Take, ‘go and grab someone you want to see in a bathing suit,’ and the original line was ‘grab someone who looks good in a bathing suit.’ And that was a good example of listen to your spouse when you’re a songwriter. She said, ‘I like everything but that line. None of us, there isn’t a woman alive that thinks she looks good in a bathing suit.’ I said, ‘That’s a good point.’ And she said, ‘So say it another way.’ So we changed it to ‘someone you want to see in a bathing suit.'”

WATCH Brad Paisley’s no. 1 hit in 2010 “Water” music video:

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