June 28

Brad Paisley Dedicates “Me and Jesus” to Ebola-Stricken Doctor

Brad Paisley Dedicates "Me and Jesus" to Ebola-Stricken Doctor 1
Brad Paisley |Photo Credits: rollingstone.com

“Me and Jesus”, Brad Paisley’s Version

Known for having a traditional country sound, Brad Paisley does not only train his voice to be such, rather, he also sings and praises the Lord through some of his gospel songs and renditions. Paisley has released his own gospel songs at the same time covered hymns alike. One of the performances most remembering he has had was his rendition of George Jones and Tammy Wynette‘s “Me and Jesus“. This country-gospel tune was penned by Tom T. Hall. It was originally recorded as a duet by Jones and Wynette for their 1972 album, We Love to Sing About Jesus.

In 2014, Paisley included “Me and Jesus” in his tenth studio album, Moonshine In the Trunk. As a matter of fact, it was a bonus track during a trip to Afghanistan with President Obama when he performed for the troops.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Paisley recalls,

“I cut the track the day before we left. It was 13 hours over and 16 back, plenty of time to mix the record. I had all the files and opened up the computer and thought, ‘I’ll get to work on this.’ It didn’t take too long. It’s only my voice and a guitar. It was mixed somewhere over the Black Sea.”

Singing for the Ebola-Stricken Doctor

Following the release of his version of the song four years ago, Paisley posted a tweet which read:

“Pray for Dr. Kent Brantly — one of those brave souls who risks his life to save others.”

Brad Paisley Dedicates "Me and Jesus" to Ebola-Stricken Doctor 2
Dr. Kent Brantly |Photo Credits: people.com

Apparently, Dr. Brantly made headlines when he was reported to have contracted the deadly Ebola virus while rendering service in the Western African country of Liberia. He was with a charity that helps and treats infected patients alike.

Following his tweet up, Paisley then shared the song “Me and Jesus” dedicating it to Dr. Brantly. He further said:

 “I’m moved by the Christian Dr. Fighting Ebola who gave the serum to his friend,” the singer tweeted. “So here’s a bonus track. For him.”

WATCH: Brad Paisley perform this 1972 gospel tune of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, “Me and Jesus”.

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Brad Paisley, Dr. Kent Brantly, Me and Jesus

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