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Brad Paisley To Be Featured On Cars 3 Soundtrack

In the third franchise of the Pixar animated film, Cars, Brad Paisley is among the artists whose musical talents will be featured on the film’s soundtrack. Paisley had previously made an appearance on the franchise’s very first installment. The ballad he wrote, Find Yourself, was a moving musical piece that spoke of a new person in a new town. His lovely song can be found as well on the compilation album, Disney-Pixar All Time Favorites.

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Brad Paisley To Be Featured On Cars 3 Soundtrack 1

For Cars 3, Paisley contributed two instrumental tracks, Truckaroo and Thunder Valley Breakdown.

Both songs were used during a demolition derby scene. Another beautiful song that the artist contributed to the animated film is a vintage-y country song entitled, Behind the Clouds. The lyrics depict being optimistic, and looking forward to the wonderful and bright sunshine being concealed behind big, grey clouds and sky.

Brad Paisley To Be Featured On Cars 3 Soundtrack 2

Cars 3’s storyline will be revolving around the protagonist, Lightning McQueen’s struggles as new generation race cars begin to question the survival of his career after enduring a fatal crash.

Adding to his misery, McQueen’s sponsor Rust-eze is bought by a car named Sterling. Sterling doubts McQueen’s ability to keep his image up through racing. In order to prove himself to his naysayers, McQueen decides to join the Florida 500 race. He trains with Cruz Ramirez, a race technician harboring her own racing ambitions as well.

The film is set to be released this coming June 16.

Other country artists who will be featured in Cars 3 include the Drifting Cowboys and Hank Williams. Their track’s title is My Heart Would Know.


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