September 13

Gold All Over the Ground: Brad Paisley Sings Johnny Cash’s Poem


Collected, kept, and published into a book, son John Carter Cash brought one of his dad’s poems to Brad Paisley. In return, Brad channeled it into a song.

Basically, it is Johnny’s love sonnet for his late wife, June Carter Cash. John recognized the beauty and sacredness of his parents love story that among the many artists he has worked with, he chose Brad Paisley.  As he mentioned in the following video, Brad has a way of connecting with his listeners.

Watch their exchange of thoughts below.


Now listen to Brad Paisley’s take on Johnny’s love poem.

In the opening, we could hear Johnny proudly introducing his wife to the crowd followed by strings of the lyrical ballad by Brad. To add to its touching effect, at the end of the track, we would hear Johnny again praising his wife’s role in being alive.


Co-written with Johnny Cash, it’s one of Brad’s bests compositions. It’s a masterpiece, to say the least. And if Johnny was still alive, he would be proud of Brad’s arrangement. As for Brad, he deserves credit for his valuable contribution to the song. The melody just fits the lovelorn lyrics.

 I’d say that this has got to be one of the best ways to pay tribute to a legend.

By the way, should you want to see the official music video, you may check Brad Paisley’s facebook page and check his featured videos.


Cash wrote the original lyrics in March 1967. He never got round to adding music to it, but it was published in 2016 in Cash’s posthumous poetry collection Forever Words: The Unknown Poems, which collects 41 of Cash’s poems into an anthology. “Gold All Over the Ground” is the first of Cash’s poems to be set to music.
(lifted from songfacts.com)


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