June 24

Boy with Rare Muscular Disease Surprise Duet with Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton may be a lot of things but she is definitely not your country icon who does not make time to duet with her fans. Especially, if it is this adorable boy also called as Captain Seth.

[PS. Learn about Willie Nelson’s Undying Memory of His Son Who Passed Away here].

Boy with Rare Muscular Disease Surprise Duet with Dolly Parton 1

Jolene, Dolly Parton surprise

Eight-year old Seth Burke was surprised last December when Dolly Parton herself appeared through a live video feed just being herself bringing all the Dolly Parton vibe in the Caribbean party. Apparently, it came to the country artist’s attention that Captain Seth was a big fan of her and the 1973 hit “Jolene.”

“Since you like Jolene, what do you say that you and me sing this song together now?”

Said Dolly Parton talking to Captain Seth while the boy is up on the stage joined by his family. The crowd cheered for a unanimous “yes” while the little kid can’t help but show his shock of fleeting feelings as he realized that this was actually Dolly Parton and it was actually happening.

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Captain Seth was given the microphone and the two started their “Jolene” duet while Dolly replaced the latter-part lyrics with Seth’s name gaining a satisfying chuckle from the boy’s lips.

Watch the heart-wrenching moment here:

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Seth


Seth is living with a rare muscle wasting condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This muscle disease is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. It is one of nine types of muscular dystrophy.

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DMD is caused by an absence of dystrophin, a protein that helps keep muscle cells intact. Symptom onset is in early childhood, usually between ages 3 and 5. The disease primarily affects boys, but in rare cases it can affect girls.

Seth’s mother further said in an interview about Seth joining the Caribbean cruise, “We were invited to go on the cruise because the PR company had heard about Seth and what he had been through.


This is definitely something that’s unfortunate about kids with this disease but we hope Seth had a good time doing his Jolene duet with his idol.


H/T: Wales Online



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