November 16

A Soothing Performance of Boxcar Willie about Death

All of us want to find peace in our lives but if it is a journey, expect that it will take years for us to find it. However, we can actually achieve this; it’s just a matter of finding it within ourselves. Further, we don’t need to go somewhere to find it, because peace is just around the corner. Listen to Boxcar Willie for enlightenment.

The Old-time Hobo

Lecil Travis Martin or also known as Boxcar Willie is an air force sergeant and a country singer. Wow, isn’t that amazing? By the way, he got his stage name from a ballad that he wrote and he was known with that screen name ever since.

Throughout his life, Boxcar Willie served the air force, and it was just in 1976 when in it was time for him to pursue his music career. Further, he started as a pop singer in the music industry where he got his breakthrough. Not until 1981, he transitioned to country music. That same year, Grand Ole Opry, the longest-running radio broadcast in the U.S., inducted him as their 60th member. That was an amazing moment for Willie because he can now fulfill his dream, and first love, that is to become a performer. Throughout his life, he lived as a performer until he went in 1996 at the age of 67.

Finding our Inner Peace

“Peace in the Valley” was written by Thomas A. Dorsey in 1938, and it was first sung by the gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. At that time, the song did not reach any popularity until 1951 when Red Foley and the Sunshine Boys released their version. To their surprise, the tune dropped to No. 7 on the Country Western Best Seller Charts. Also, it was the first gospel masterpiece to sell a million copies.

A lot of artists innovated the song upon its breakthrough. Thus, making it fresh to the public. However, the version of Boxcar Willie is still the best because the elements of true country music were incorporated into the song.


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