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“Bouquet of Roses:” A Heartbreaking Single from Eddy Arnolds


The song “Bouquet of Roses” sounds like a wonderful love song. It’ll surely make you want to rush out and buy some flowers for you woman. However, this is not what you’re thinking about. This romantically sounding song is actually the opposite. “Bouquet of Roses” is gonna break your heart into pieces.

Eddy Arnold’s Version of “Bouquet of Roses”

In 1947, “Bouquet of Roses” was penned by Bob Hilliard and the melody of the song was laid by Steve Nelson. This heartbreaking song was first recorded by Eddy Arnolds. His recording was part of his album Anytime. When he released it as a single, the song reached number one on the country chart. Moreover, it has placed at number thirteen on the pop chart.

Eddy Arnolds Anytime Bouquet of Roses
Photo Credit: Eddy Arnolds/ Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

All About the Song

Why is the song a sad song? Well, as you can see, the narrator uses a bouquet of roses to make his lover feel guilty about the things she did to him. He wanted her to know how much pain she caused him because losing her was something he couldn’t take.

The first two lines of the song set the emotion of the narrator. We can feel how terribly broken he is by what his woman has done to him. Probably, his ex-lover would have received a lot of bouquets if she has caused him a lot of pain.

I’m sending you a big bouquet of roses
One for every time you broke my heart

Despite the pain she caused him, all he ever did was choose to love her. What about you, can you still love or forgive someone who has caused you a lot of pain?

I know that I should hate you after all you’ve put me through
But how can I be bitter when I’m still in love with you?

The Other Versions

Even though the words of the song is heartbreaking, it seems to be a song covered by a lot of artists. Some known versions of the song were by Bing Crosby, Mickey Gilley, Marty Robbins, Clint Eastwood, and many more.


Anytime, Bouquet of Roses, Eddy Arnolds

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