June 25

Songwriter Boudleaux Bryant Commemorates 31st Death Anniversary

Boudleaux Bryant

Today marks Boudleaux Bryant’s 31st death anniversary. He is one of the most successful and most respected songwriters of all time. He is mostly known as the composer of the prosperous group, the Everly Brothers. His most notable compositions are “Bye, Bye Love,” “Love Hurts” and “All I Have to Do is Dream” popularized by the Everly Brothers.

Everly Brothers

Boudleaux Bryant also wrote for various artists such as Little Jimmy Dickens, Buddy Holly, Ricky Van Shelton, Johnny O’Keefe, Gram Parsons, Emmy Lou Harris, and many more. His compositions were widely-known all over the globe, especially for the country music obsessives.

To commemorate his work of arts, let’s read through his journey and listen to some of his compositions sang by the credible and notable country artists.

All I Have to Do is Dream…

Love Hurts…

Bye, Bye Love…

Boudleaux Bryant was born in Shellman, Georgia on February 13, 1920. As a child, he trained as a violinist. During 1937 to 1938, Bryant performed with the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra. Nevertheless, he was more interested at country fiddling. Then, Bryant joined Hank Penny and his Radio Cowboys, a band in Atlanta.

Boudleaux and Felice Bryant

In 1945, Bryant met Matilda Genevieve Scaduto known as Felice Bryant while performing at a hotel. She was 19 at that time. They had a good time together, and with that, they decided to get married. During the first year of their marriage, they struggled financially. Both lived in a mobile home and wrote more than 80 songs. Additionally, they tried to sell their compositions to various country artists, but their songs were rejected and ignored. Not until Little Jimmy Dickens recorded their song “Country Boy.” The song’s recording has opened up opportunities to the Bryants. In fact, it opened the door to a working relationship with Fred Rose at Acuff-Rose Music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Boudleaux Bryant had worked with the Everly Brothers for a long time. Most of Everly Brothers’ singles were written by Boudleaux and his wife Felice.

Everly Brothers and Boudleaux Bryant

Then, their success continued, and they became one of the best songwriters. Also, they worked with several country artists and producers alike.

Felice and Boudleaux Bryant

In 1972, the Bryants were inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, in 1986 into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and in 1991 into both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

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