March 16

Live Undefeated Because We’re “Born to Win” by The Mullins

Since I began to run this race
Many the trials I’ve had to face.
Mountains so high, valleys so low, and rivers so wide.
But there’s no need to worry, no need to fret
Things may look bad but it ain’t over yet.
God said He’d go with me right to the end.
How can I lose when I was born to win?

This song came to mind after a brief check on a missionary friend living in the Philippines. He and his wife devoted their lives to full-time ministry. The Lord has been good that he gave them favor in the eyes of a guerrilla group somewhere in the south of the country. While other religious groups were wary of these rebels, they, however, were able to get in their camps. Putting political ideologies aside, they welcomed my missionary friend. He serves as their spiritual counselor, friend, and confidant.

About seven years ago, I had the privilege to visit them. Overjoyed, they volunteered to fetch me in Manila. On the road, they kept telling me one story after another about lives that were changed and God’s numerous miraculous works. Come Sunday was their church anniversary and they have made preparations. We’re all excited about the event and my friend could not wait to show me their worship hall. He said I would surely be surprised. (And indeed I was!)

A nasty storm devastated the whole village when we arrived. The rain ceased but it flooded the whole place. From where we stopped, we could only see roofs including that of the church. It took three days for all the waters to be abated.

From the time of our arrival, we immediately set ourselves to work. We gathered debris and did what we can to clear the worship hall. Despite what happened, we’re determined to proceed with the anniversary. So when Sunday came and the people gathered, we sang hymns and songs of thanksgiving. Prior to the message, my friend rendered a song – Born to Win.

“Born to Win” by The Mullins

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