November 14

Firekid’s BOOMERANG feat. Rory Feek: A Balm to Unresolved Loss

In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s Rory Feek featured in daughter Heidi and fiancée Dillon’s Indie song, BOOMERANG.” Rory expressed great appreciation for the song as it became his channel to express grief. Musician Rory Feek said in his interview with CMT that it’s better to process pain through music than to merely talk about it.

BOOMERANG by Firekid feat. Rory Feek [Official Video]

The Concept of BOOMERANG’s Music Video

Rory Feek had BOOMERANG featured in his blog where he talked about the inspiration behind the music video. As everyone in his family is recuperating from their loss, they shot glimpses of what each one’s life looks like while coping. He and Dillon Hodge were in the same boat of overcoming the pain of losing their wives. Hodge’s former wife, Elise, died in a tragic automobile accident while Feek lost Joey to cancer. Halfway through the video is Feek’s second daughter, Hopie, still struggling to let go of her mother’s memory. She left Joey’s last letter unread for fear that doing so would mean “goodbye.”

It will be the first appearance of Rory Feek in a music video since 2012. That’s the year when they shot scenes for Joey’s song, “When I’m Gone.” Notice that the correlation between the two is not hard to miss.

Heidi and Dillon have other great songs that Rory loves, but he connects the most with BOOMERANG. Hence, his eagerness to help the young couple in the production.

Reception and Debut

Firekid singing-duo, Heidi and Dillon, easily made waves online with the release of their song, Boomerang. Besides being instrumental for their family’s healing, the tune’s a balm of hope to people who’ve gone through the same path.

You can check the rest of Firekid’s songs here.

Posted by firekid on Tuesday, September 11, 2018


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