May 18

Have You Ever Been “Lost In France” Like Bonnie Tyler?

Bonnie Tyler

Have you? If yes, then this song suits you. The song that describes uncontrollable loving feelings. Yes, Bonnie Tyler expounds that emotion through her single “Lost In France.” It defines somebody who is profoundly attracted to someone. But for this song, it is the fascination of the place because of “love.” Indeed, Tyler has been lost in love and in France as the lyrics say:

I was lost in France, in the fields, the birds were singing, the street a band was playing, and the vines were over-flowing, a million stars were glowing.

You might want to recollect memories by listening to the song.

Moreover, the high notes, raspy voice, and great music are the perfect definition for Bonnie Tyler. She’s got the talent and she can knock people off their feet. Also, she can touch people’s hearts and prick their souls. Indeed, an embodiment of a true musician.

Furthermore, Tyler has produced, recorded and released singles that captivated us like “It’s A Heartache,” “Holding Out For A Hero,” and “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” Undoubtedly, these songs have become the bests of the 70s and 80s. Bonnie Tyler embraced rock, pop, and country. With this, she was loved by millions of people all over the world.

Lost In France…

Ronnie Scott and Steve Wolfe are the songwriters behind “Lost In France.”  It was released in September 1976 from her album “The World Starts Tonight.” The song became Bonnie Tyler’s first ever top charting hit.

After the release of the song, Bonnie Tyler underwent an operation to remove nodules out of her vocal chords. She failed to follow her doctor’s six-week rest. With this, it left a permanent unique raspy voice quality.

The Lyrics…

I was lost in France

In the fields, the birds were singing

I was lost in France

And the day was just beginning

As I stood there in the morning rain

I had a feeling I can’t explain

Was lost in France in love

I was lost in France

In the street, a band was playing

And the crowd all danced

Didn’t catch what they were saying

When I looked up, he was standing there

And I knew I shouldn’t, but I didn’t care

I was lost in France in love

Ooh la la la ooh la la la dance

La la la dancing

Ooh la la la ooh la la la dance

La la la dancing

Ooh la la la ooh la la la dance

La la la dancing

I was lost in France

And the vines were over-flowing

I was lost in France

And a million stars were glowing

And I looked round for a telephone

To say ‘baby I won’t be home.’

I was lost in France in love

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